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Beer Ma Bar

Beer Ma Bar


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Beer Ma in Kita Senju is a cozy hybrid bottle shop.  With a standing area capable of holding 30 people and a large bottle shop in the back, you can either enjoy a few beers at the bar or bring a bag full of bottles home.  They have light food available at the bar in case you need to eat something.

Popular Dishes


  1. Homemade Quiche
  2. Bacon
Name Beer Ma Kita-Senju
Beer Ma Base
Address (English) Kitasenju: 〒120-0034 Tokyo-to, Adachi-ku, Senju 2-62
Base:  〒120-0044 Tokyo-to, Adachi-ku, Senjumidoricho 1 Chome 22-10
Address (Japanese) Kitasenju: 〒120-0034東京都足立区千住2-62 西岡ビル
Base:  〒120-0044東京都足立区千住緑町1-22-10
Main Station Kitasenju: Kita Senju
Base:  Senju Ohashi
Alternative Stations Kitasenju: Senju Ohashi
Kita Senju
Distance to Station Kitasenju: 3 minute walk
Hours Kitasenju:
Mo~Su 14:00~24:00
Su & Holidays 14:00~21:00
Phone Number Kitasenju: 03-3882-2508
Type Bar
Seating Kitasenju: 30 (Standing Only)
Taps Kitasenju: 10 (All Regular Taps)
Bottles Yes
Flights No
Cost of a Beer
Bottle Charge ¥200
Otoshi (Table Charge) No
Payment Credit OK
Food Kitasenju: Light Dishes
Atmosphere Kitasenju:  Cozy; Relaxed
English Service Kitasenju:  Gestures Only
Smoking No
Reservations No
Free Wifi Kitasenju:  Yes
Tabelog Kitasenju:

*Information provided by Beer Ma (Kita Senju)

*Information currently awaiting confirmation from Beer Ma Base

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