Bakushuan (Ebisu)


Bakushuan is a pair of Japanese izakaya (pubs) in Otsuka and Ebisu.  They specialize in traditional Japanese pub food along with Japanese sake and craft beer.  With a plethora of craft beer and Japanese sake, they aim to bring a perfect marriage of flavours of alcohol and Japanese foods.

Popular Dishes

  1. Sashimi
  2. Grilled Sansho Chicken
  3. Fruit Cream Cheese
Name Bakushuan (Ebisu)
Address (English) 〒150-0022 Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Ebisuminami 2 Chome 1-5
Address (Japanese) 〒150-0022 東京都渋谷区恵比寿南2-1-5-ES215ビル7F
Additional Shops Bakushuan (Otsuka)
Main Station Ebisu
Alternative Stations
Distance to Station 3 minute walk
Hours Mo~Sa 17:00~23:00
Phone Number 03-3719-3949
Type Restaurant
Seating 25 (8 at the counter; 20 at tables)
Taps 17 (All CO2 Taps)
Bottles No
Flights No
Cost of a Beer ¥700~
Otoshi (Table Charge) ¥600
Payment Cash Only
Food Japanese Dishes
Atmosphere Cozy; Relaxed; Friendly
English Service Set Phrases
Smoking No
Reservations Yes
Free Wifi Yes

*Information provided by Bakushuan (Ebisu)

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