Beer Bloggers in Japan

Finding bloggers in Japan is pretty easy if you can read Japanese.  For English resources, the number of people out there is somewhat limited.  It can be difficult to get good information and finding the person who has similar tastes as you can be nearly impossible.  There are a number of bloggers that we respect, but always remember that preference is preference.  If you know other English language bloggers for craft beer in Japan, please comment below or contact us and we’ll add their information.

Beering in Mind

Beering in Mind is by Nevitt, who focuses more on his own experiences with craft beer.  There are articles on enjoying beer, what is new, as well as event reports.

First Opened October 2010
Number of Posts 180+

Beer Tengoku

Beer Tengoku was started by 2 British friends, Rob Bright and Joe Robson, who review bars and beers from all over Japan.  They have the most extensive list of reviews of beers as well as establishments compared to the other bloggers.

First Opened July 2014
Number of Posts 1,500+

Craft is Art

This blog is a fun walkabout into the mind of CT, a craft beer fan from Kuala Lumpur.  He writes a lot about whatever is on his mind regarding craft beer, especially about his adventures visiting various shops around Tokyo and his other travels.

First Opened October 2013
Number of Posts 190+

Kansai Beer Lovers

Kansai Beer Lovers is a beer blog by Phil, a Montrealer living in the Kyoto.  Started in 2013, Phil focuses on beers that he can acquire in his area as well as shops in his area.  While the blog hasn’t been updated since 2016 (as of the writing of this article), Phil continues to be prolific on Facebook.

First Opened January 2013
Number of Posts 60+

Tokyo Beer Drinker

Tokyo Beer Drinker uses Blogger and has a very minimalist look.  Focusing on beer establishments, the Beer Drinker reviews places they visit and sorts them mainly by area and number of taps.  Information includes the number of taps seen, what was on tap when visited, establishment hours, map, and links.

First Opened September 2012
Number of Posts 260+

*Information accurate as of February 2018

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