Brewer’s Beer Stand 34


Brewer’s Beer Stand 34 is a friendly craft beer bar that is run by a beer brewer in Yokkaichi.  Boasting 12 taps, the most in Mie Prefecture, they carry a wide selection of mostly Japanese breweries but they also carry imported craft beers from time to time.  Being a bar, they serve a variety of izakaya style dishes to keep your stomach happy so you can party till they turn off the lights.

Name Brewer’s Beer Stand 34
Address (English) 〒510-0086 Mie-ken, Yokkaichi-shi, Suwasakaemachi 13-10
Address (Japanese) 〒510-0086 三重県四日市市諏訪栄町13-10
Main Station Kintetsu Yokkaichi
Alternative Stations Asunaro Yokkaichi
Distance to Station 5 minute walk
Hours Mo & We~Fr 17:00~24:00
Sa~Su 15:00~24:00
Phone Number 080-9739-3434
Type Bar
Seating 13 (9 at the counter; 4 at tables; 2 standing)
Taps 12 (All CO2 Taps)
Bottles Sometimes
Flights Yes
Cost of a Beer ¥700~
Otoshi (Table Charge) No
Payment Credit OK
Food Izakaya Dishes
Atmosphere Relaxed; Friendly; Lively
English Service Conversational
Smoking No
Reservations Yes
Free Wifi No

*Information provided by Brewer’s Beer Stand 34.

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