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Craft Beer Shimaneko is a friendly outlet for Beer Cats, an importer of US craft beer, inside Kokusai-dori Norengai in near Makishi.  This basement bar is a fun place to try American craft beers but also a few select Okinawan brews from local craft breweries.  Don’t be shy to bring your glasses to other areas of the basement as you can grab a bowl of ramen to go with your craft beer, or visit any of the other restaurants on the floor and enjoy a real beer instead of the other macro options.  You are also encouraged to bring your food to the bar too as it is a communal food court.

Popular Drinks

  • Pale Ale
  • Kaku High Ball
Name Craft Beer Shimaneko
Address (English) 〒900-0013 Okinawa-ken, Naha-shi, Makishi 2 Chome 2-30 B1F
Address (Japanese) 〒900-0013 沖縄県那覇市牧志 2-2-30 B1F
Main Station Makishi
Alternative Stations Miebashi
Distance to Station 5 minute walk
Hours Mo~Su 16:00~26:00
Phone Number 098-975-5655
Type Bar
Seating 16 (16 at the counter)
Taps 8 (All CO2 Taps)
Bottles Sometimes
Flights No
Cost of a Beer ¥500~
Otoshi (Table Charge) No
Payment Credit OK
Food Snacks
Atmosphere Lively
English Service Conversational
Smoking No
Reservations No
Free Wifi Yes

*Information provided by Craft Beer Shimaneko.


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