Hitachino Nest (Nakaya)


Hitachino Nest is one of the most famous Japanese craft beer companies outside of Japan.  Inside Japan they are not as famous but their sake brewery has nice facilities.  Their Nakaya restaurant is a soba themed restaurant with soba and other Japanese dishes.  There are two branches of Nakaya, one at the main sake brewery and the other near Mito Station.  At their main sake brewery they also have a small bar where you can get the main line-up as well as bottles from their shop.

Name Kura+Soba Nakaya
Kikizake Dokuro (Tasting Bar)
Sake+Soba Nakaya
Address (English) Kura & Kikizake: 〒311-0133 Ibaraki-ken, Naka-shi, Konosu 1257
Sake: 〒310-0026 Ibaraki-ken, Mito-shi, Izumicho 1 Chome 6-1
Address (Japanese) Kura & Kikizake: 〒311-0133茨城県那珂市鴻巣1257 木内酒造
Sake: 〒310-0026茨城県水戸市泉町1-6-1 京成百貨店 1F パサージュ
Main Station Kura & Kikizake: Hitachi Konosu
Sake: Mito
Alternative Stations
Distance to Station Kura & Kikizake: 3 minute walk
Sake: 6 minute taxi
Hours Kura
Tu~Th 11:30~14:30
Mo, Fr, Sa~Su & Holidays 11:30~14:30 & 17:30~20:00Kikizake
Mo~Fr 9:00~19:00
Sa~Su & Holidays 9:00~18:30

Mo~Fr 11:30~14:30 & 17:00~23:00
Sa~Su & Holidays 11:30~14:30 & 17:00~22:00
Phone Number Kura & Kikizake: 029-298-0105
Sake: 029-302-5959
Type Kura: Restaurant
Kikizake: Bar
Sake: Restaurant
Seating Kura: 40
Kikizake: 8 (Counter only)
Sake: 50
Taps 5
Bottles Yes
Flights No
Cost of a Beer Kura: ¥650~
Kikizake: ¥500~
Sake: ¥600~
Otoshi (Table Charge)  No
Payment Credit OK
Food Kura & Sake: Soba
Kikizake: No Food
English Service
Smoking No
Reservations Kura & Sake: Yes
Kikizake: No
Free Wifi No
Website Kura:
Twitter Sake:
Tabelog Kura:

*Information currently awaiting confirmation from Hitachino Nest

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