Interview: Dan “Fuggles” Colyer & Sabrina Witter

Fuggles & Warlock Logo (Text)Fuggles & Warlock has been around since 2015, but they actually got started 2 years earlier with contract brewing.  They are the closest brewery to the airport in Vancouver making it an easy destination for anyone visiting Vancouver.  You can stop by before your flight or even before heading to Seattle or Victoria if you are planning to take the ferry.  Their taproom is a glorious homage to gaming, which is the heart and soul of Fuggles & Warlock.

“All our brewers are geeks, and we love video games.  It’s our passion, other than beer.”

-Dan “Fuggles” Colyer

The taproom at Fuggles & Warlock is amazing.  From the comfy chairs next to the digital fireplace to the outdoor patio, there is somewhere for you to sit and relax.  If you want to get your game on, there are 2 video game systems where you can enjoy playing classic games while drinking a beer.  It is a gamer’s paradise that you will never want to leave.

Fuggles & Warlock

Brewery Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks
Location Richmond, BC
Established 2015

Interview Day

When Taihei arrived, it was overcast with a little rain at times, but thankfully the weather held up.  We were greeted by Sabrina Witter, the event planner for F&W.  We met her and Dan on their amazing tour of Japan with Phred Kaufman.  She is the mastermind behind making sure Dan kept to his schedule and is an amazing person.

Dan, ever the busy brewer, took a good part of his day to show Taihei around the brewery.  One the interview was done he showed us his brewery system which was really beautiful; a simple setup to make it as easy as possible for the brewer of the day.  We were able to see the future expansion possibilities of the brewery as well as to see some of the secret beers that had not been released.  It was amazing to see the work and effort that went into the brewery and you can taste the quality that goes into every bottle.

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