Interview: Shoko, the Triathlete of Sakaduki Brewing

In Kita-senju the locals are trying to keep under wraps a snug little place for themselves.  Sakaduki Brewing is a place that caters to every guest.  From their “one guest set” for those who just want to unwind, to a place where the grandparents can come with their grand kiddies.  It’s a watering hole for pretty much anyone in the area and that’s how the owner intended it to be.

The astonishing part of this brewery is the owner’s history in Asahi Breweries.  The owner and head brewer is Shoko Kanayama.  Since messaging between Shoko and Taihei, we found her to be a delightful character that is modest and playful.  This sentence sums it up,

“I’m afraid that you are disappointed with my tiny brewery like [a] toy.  Is it okay that the brewery is so small?”


Part 1: Shoko’s background, starting Sakaduki Brewing, and hair yeast

Part 2: Let’s do a beer like a triathlon

Part 3: Shoko’s kanpai in Kita Senju and Asahi Super Dry

 Part 4: Women brewers and what is in store for Sakaduki’s future

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