Komainu Brewery – KASHIWA BEER


Komainu Brewery, also known by their beer brand Kashiwa Beer, is a friendly brewpub near Kashiwa Station.  While their brewery is located along the way to Kashiwa Reysol’s football stadium, the taproom is located north of Kashiwa Station.  It may not be as convenient for Reysol fans, but it is still worth a trip to visit.  With 10 taps, there is a lot of craft beer to choose from.  They also focus on being local with a lot of local regulars frequenting their taproom.  Combine this with a nice mix of western inspired dishes and you will be becoming friends with the locals in no time.

Popular Dishes

  1. Seasonal Pizza
  2. Steamed Oysters
  3. Assorted Appetizers
Name Komainu Brewery・KASHIWA BEER
Address (English) 〒277-0005 Chiba-ken, Kashiwa-shi, Kashiwa 5 Chome 8-15
Address (Japanese) 〒277-0005 千葉県柏市柏5-8-15
Main Station Kashiwa
Alternative Stations
Distance to Station 15 minute walk
Hours Th~Fr 17:30~22:00
Sa~Su 17:00~22:00
Phone Number 04-7199-7774
Type Pub
Seating 30 (Tables Only)
Taps 10 (All CO2 Taps)
Bottles Yes
Flights Yes
Cost of a Beer ¥500~
Otoshi (Table Charge) No
Payment Credit OK
Food Western Dishes
Atmosphere Relaxed; Friendly
English Service Conversational
Smoking Yes
Reservations Yes
Free Wifi Yes
Website http://kashiwa.beer/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/komainubeer/
Twitter https://twitter.com/GokipoKomainu
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kashiwabeer_official/
Tabelog https://tabelog.com/en/chiba/A1203/A120301/12043475/

*Information provided by Komainu Brewery – KASHIWA BEER.

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