Antenna America’s Route 66 Food Pairing

Antenna America (Kannai)Antenna America screams Americana in their Kannai and Yokohama locations, and their menu is like traveling your way along the legendary Route 66.

Hot WingsAntenna America (Kannai)

The starting point of Antenna America’s Route 66 menu will be in the East Coast.  The story goes that hot wings were created in Buffalo, New York but we are going to start in Lincoln, Illinois to see the world’s largest covered wagon because AA’s wings are so big.  These wings are an excellent way to kick off your beer road trip.  They are meaty and juicy unlike other hot wings you find in the Tokyo area, but AA’s wings are dipped into Stone’s hot mustard sauce.  As for pairing, the selection is endless of what you can pair at AA, but go with an American Pale Ale or an IPA.  Recommended pairing options can be the classic Sierra Nevada Pale Ale that is crisp and dry while not being overly hoppy.  Even a Founders Centennial IPA will add a mild fruitiness into your wings.  If you want to coast through the wings without a rush, go with Pizza Port’s Golden Ale, where this Blonde Ale uses Pilsner malt with Mt. Hood and Hallertau hops to quench your thirst from the heat.

HamburgerAntenna America (Kannai)

Moving along the Route 66 menu, you will end up at Arcadia’s Round Barn with the rancher and founder of Antenna America, Andrew (a New Yorker who headed out west after cashing out his stock options for beer money).  Andrew is looking through his homestead to create the perfect burger, from the meat to all the fixings.  The day Taihei galloped into town, Andrew had added an apple sauce to this burger so match strengthens with strengthens for pairing.  Taihei went with Founders Rubaeus (Raspberry Ale).  It’s tart, sweet, and refreshing; this ale will create a line dance between the apple and raspberry in your mouth.  You can be sure that Andrew will continue to prefect his burger so expect it to be better every time you stop by until it is perfect.

Jalapeño PoppersAntenna America (Kannai) - Menu - Jalapeno Poppers

Before crossing into New Mexico from Texas, why not get your kicks on Route 66 by checking out the Cadillac Ranch while having some Jalapeño Poppers, which is sometimes referred to as armadillo eggs wrapped in bacon.  The Jalapeño are gutted clean with no seeds to make way for the mozzarella, where it’s then dipped into cornmeal for that crisp texture.  Taihei talked about pairing them with an American Pale Ale or IPA with spicy dishes, but you might be hopped out, so go with a Firestone Walker’s Pivo Pils to highlight the taste of the melted cheese and Jalapeño rolled up like an armadillo.

Fish Tacos

Antenna America (Kannai)

The last leg of your journey on the Route 66 food menu is at Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California.  The tacos at Antenna America are similar to Baja tacos that are packed with red onions, cabbage, chopped tomatoes with a lime to top it off.  This taco is fresh, tasty, and will surely leave a lovely mess on your fingers.  As for choice of brew, Taihei went with Sierra Nevada’s Nooner Pilsner for its crisp and dry finish so that it didn’t overtake the flavor of the tacos.  In each order, you will get two tacos and you will not be sharing the second one.

For complete details on Antenna America’s Kannai location, check out our page for everything you need to know, including photos.

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