Brew at the Zoo (2018)

Brew at the ZooBrew at the Zoo is an event where the name hides nothing; drinking craft beer at the zoo.  This event was organized by the Chiba Zoological Park with the intent to draw adults and remind them of their childhood past.  When was the last time you visited a zoo?  If you answered “a lot”, it’s likely because you have kids, and honestly there is no better reason to do so.  Japan is aging and fewer people are visiting local zoos, so the zoo decided to set up this event with the hopes to increase visitor numbers.  While the main intent is to increase visitors, the main goal is for us to reconnect to our precious childhood memories.  People do go to Disneyland all the time to relive their childhood, so why not the zoo in a drunk mood?  (Yes, the event organizers said “drunk mood” on their Campfire page.)  For this event, entrance into the zoo is 100% free for both the 20th (Saturday) and 21st (Sunday) from 9:30 to 16:30.

Putting on such events is not cheap, so they are crowdfunding this event through Campfire.  There are original t-shirts that are being sold via ZOZOTOWN, while the art work is done in collaboration with college students to gain experience.  The university students and local elementary schools will also be helping to decorate the event out of the kindness of their own hearts.  The funds that are raised through Campfire will cover the cost of creating goods for sale; the decorations for the event; the music artist fees, with about 7 different artists; the printed material for marketing; and other fees related to this first event.  The goal is to raise at least 290,000 JPY with a minimum of 160,000 JPY and they only have 68,000 JPY as of publishing this article.

Of course, for you, it’s about the craft beer and that will be provided by Emi Otsuka from Makuhari Brewery and Andrew from Antenna America.  Emi will be bringing two brews to the event: a bitter IPA and a Blonde Ale that she said would be prefect to drink outside.  The cost for both styles will be 800 JPY but with partial proceeds going to the zoo.  The main goal is to raise money so that the zoo can continue to function properly and for the animals to have the best environment possible.  Antenna America will be providing beers from North Coast and Firestone Walker.  What better way to drink brews at the zoo than a couple Firestone Walkers where a lion fights a bear.

Be sure to go to Brew at the Zoo and meet Emi and the people of Antenna America.  They will be attending both days to help pour beers and to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.  Emi has a special message for everyone who comes:

You can forget daily life in this event.  Please come and taste our beer!!  Cheers!!


  • Underage drinking is forbidden by law
  • Drivers are not allowed to purchase alcohol



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