Makuhari Brewery’s Ribs and Craft Beer (Makuhari, Chiba)

Makuhari BreweryIn the rib world, the meat generally used is pork or beef, but you can have lamb ribs, goat ribs, crocodile ribs… I am starting to sound like Bubba Blue from Forest Grump.  As for the variety of ribs, I don’t think I have enough ribs to court of how many styles exist in the world (the human body has 24 just in case you were going to do a Google search).  Just to name a few: baby back ribs; St. Louis style ribs; spare ribs; country-style ribs; Balinese roasted pork ribs; Korean barbecued short ribs; Middle Eastern rubbed ribs; etc.  Bubba Blue has made a comeback.

Hopefully you are sober enough to continue reading this article.  Pairing boils down to your preference of wet or dry.  Wet ones are dipped in barbecue sauce for that smoky juicy profile, as the latter one is more crispy and spicy.Makuhari Brewery

Wet Ribs

Malty-sweet beers with caramel and toast notes are great to pull out the best of both the meat and the sauce.

Beer Recommendations

Dry Ribs

With dry ribs, you still want malty brews, but deciding on the beer to use is important because the dry spiciness is delicate and can be overtaken by an overly aggressive beer.  The best pairing are ones that have a hop balance and crispiness to it.

Beer Recommendations

As for Makuhari Brewery’s ribs, they tend to be a little wet with some char and who doesn’t like a little char for flavor.  The meat is from the southern region of Japan with a background of spiciness to it but still wet enough to get sauce on your fingers.  It’s cooked well enough to have the meat easily come off the bone.  On the day Taihai came in for the feature shop video, Swan Lake’s Porter was on tap and it snuggled up nicely with Makuhari Brewery’s ribs. It didn’t overpower the flavor of the spice and we were still able to taste the fat from the meat with the right amount of toasty notes from the porter.Makuhari Brewery

Simply put, Makuhari Brewery’s ribs are yummy. If you want to know more about Makuhari Brewery and to see the vibe of this brewpub, check out our page below.


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