Welders Diner Sandwiches and Craft Beer (Shakujikoen, Tokyo)

Welders Diner (Shakujikoen)Welders Diner not only has beer to wet your whistle on those scorching summer months, but a food menu that is great before or after you taking a stroll in the famous nearby park.  The nearby park is great for some bird watching or to go on a paddle boat for a romantic date.  Watching all those birds will make you and your date hungry so you can’t go wrong with Welders Diner’s BLT and C.B.G.B (Chili Beans Grilled Bacon).

Welders Diner (Shakujikoen)Starting with their BLT, the bacon used is crispy with a little smoke added but it doesn’t overpower your taste buds.  The tomatoes and lettuce used at Welders Diner are crisp, so you know the produce is fresh.  As for pairing, we ordered T.Y. Harbor Brewery’s Wheat Ale, but other wheat beers such as a German Hefeweizen or a Belgian Witbier will also bring out the bacon flavor to emphasize the saltiness of the bacon.  Think of a wheat beer as a gentle lover, without it being an overly bitter from the hops.  Wheats are light in character and being paired with this BLT, it will not overpower the light flavors while spooning the tomatoes with a slight acidity in a classic BLT.

As for the C.B.G.B. sandwich, it’s packed with chili, bacon, and cheddar cheese.  They use their own house chili for this sandwich and the bacon is grilled crispier than the bacon in their BLT.  There is mild kick to it as they added jalapeno peppers for those that enjoy the mouth-watering feel of spicy food.  It is meaty and you will feel full with this one, so we ordered Kyoto Brewing Co. Double IPA to turn up the spice and to cut through the fat from the cheddar and the chili.  Washing down this sandwich with an IPA or Double IPA helps give you a reason to burn those calories on the paddle boats (10 minutes burns about 54 calories); it’s not cool to make your date do all the paddling.
Welders Diner


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