Tokaido Beer Kawasaki Inn Factory (New Brewery)

Tokaido Beer - Entrance

Today is the opening of the newest brewery and brewpub in the Kawasaki area.  Taihei was lucky enough to drop by to see the geishas leaving while the staff put away the congratulation flowers for their pre-party this past Wednesday.

Tokaido Beer - Interior - Bar Counter

This brewery’s head brewer is a familiar face in the industry, Tanoue-san, the formal owner and brewer of Kazekami Brewery.  He will be working on a 500 liter system, and with 700 20-liter kegs at his disposal, you will surely see his brews in your area soon enough.

Tokaido Beer - Head Brewer - Tanoue-san

Doors open from 17:30 to 23:00 with light snacks on hand.  For brews, there will be four types of brews, but only two will be offered for the grand opening: an IPA and a 7% surprise beer.  Prices start from ¥650 (small) to ¥850 (medium).

Tokaido Beer - Beer


Shop Tokkaido Beer Kawasaki Beer Factory
Map 〒210-0001 Kanagawa-ken, Kawasaki-shi, Kawasaki-ku, Honcho 1-4-23

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