Tom VS Kochas: Find my beer!

At the Japan Brewers Cup 2018, we challenged Tomas Rehak of Ebina Beer and Jiri (Kochas) Kotynek of Nihonkai Club to find their Pilsner beers.  They are both from the Czech Republic, the home of the Pilsner, and they are the authorities of Pilsner beers in Japan.

Leading up to the event both Tom and Kochas were hesitant to do the challenge but in the end our beer pressure and the fun of the challenge got them to try it.  We filmed everything in one take, so be sure to watch everything before you read further.

To no one’s surprise they were able to find their own beers!  They were sweating for absolutely nothing.  After the cameras were turned off, we were able to sample both beers and it was clear as night and day the differences between both beers.  While both of them were of the same style, it was like looking at 2 different babies; similar in general but very different when you look at them side by side.  The colour was a little different but the flavours were also very different.  While they both used the same malts and generally the same hops, the brewing techniques of both brewers shined through in the different flavours of the Pilsners.

We have to thank both Tom and Kochas for taking the time out of their busy schedules to do this fun challenge and we look forward to seeing the many other beers they will have in the near future.

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