10 Popular Tokyo Craft Beer Bars: The Taiheiyogan Beer Crawl

At times, Taiheiyogan viewers (meaning you) ask the Taihei guys of what’s popping in terms of shops.  So the Taihei guys took a moment from working in the salt mines to break down the data.  Here are the top ten searched places and if you were following Taihei’s beer crawl on Instagram the other day, where the Taihei members hit all of the shops, it’s much appreciated.

As a disclaimer, some of these shops have been influenced by having a tap list on their page, being new, or articles that were linked to these shops.  Plus, no moolah was anted up for this article.

  1. TKBrewingTKBrewing - Cashier

This brewery has a strong local following in the Kawasaki area by drinkers and beer operators.  Plus their tap list is updated weekly on their Taihei page.

  1. Tokaido Beer Kawasaki FactoryTokaido Beer - Entrance

Another brewery in the Kawasaki area that opened in late December and the Taihei guys accidentally crashed their media event with actual geishas.  This event let the Taihei guys cook up an article about their opening event.

  1. Two Fingers Craft BeerTwo Fingers - Entrance

Two Fingers is a craft beer bar in the Ikebukuro area that opened in early February.  The Taihei guys wrote up an article about this new shop, but it wasn’t needed because the Two Fingers’ Instagram account is hilarious.

  1. Yggdrasil BrewingYggdrasil Brewing - Entrance

The man behind this place works hard and Taihei can finally congratulate him for getting his brewing license.  It only took nine months with plenty of heavy metal to keep him going.  This place was the first to add an updated tap list on Taihei.  Rock on!

  1. TDM 1874 AOYAMATDM 1874 Aoyama - Entrance

Right down the street from ITOCHU headquarters, there is more on offer than just George Juniper’s beers.  You can sample various wines and ciders as well as take some goodies home.

  1. Midtown BBQ (Yokohama)Midtown BBQ (Yokohama - 横浜店) - Entrance

This barbecue joint is an expansion of the original shop in Nagoya.  It is a short walking distance from Kannai Station.  There’re rumors that US soldiers can’t finish the Dinosaur tray, so can you?

  1. CitrabaCitraba (シトラバ) - Entrance

Citraba’s name comes from the portmanteau of citrus and bar, meaning they have a good selection of citrus drinks on top of the plethora of craft beers on tap.  The fun staff will make sure you have a great time with great food too.

  1. North Village Bar & GrillNorth Village Bar & Grill - Entrance

The Taihei guys have never been there, but viewers want to know more about this place.  The Reddit Craft Tokyo Beer Bar list creator put it in his top five places in Tokyo because of the friendly environment and good tap list.

  1. Craft Beer Bar Ibrew (Akihabara)Ibrew (Akihabara-秋葉原) - Entrance

It’s Ibrew, but with 47 taps and plenty of space.  We don’t need to say any more.

  1. Tokyo Butchers with OKACHI Beer LabTokyo Butchers & Okachi Beer Lab - Entrance

This place caught the Taihei guys by surprised with the amount of searches that they had to do what they could to get pictures.  It’s a huge place with a private party room and grilled foods to compliment to beers.

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