Event Report: 2017 American Craft Beer Experience

Name American Craft Beer Experience 2017
Japanese アメリカンクラフトビア・エクスペリエンス2017
Location Takeshiba Station・Hamamatsucho Station
Address Takeshiba New Pier Hall
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ACBEjapan/
Facebook Event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/128323667897692/
Breweries Present 9


The American Craft Beer Experience was free craft beer festival that featured only American craft breweries.  It was organized by the Brewers Association in the USA with the help of AQ Bevolution, a major importer of American craft beers in Japan.  It was attended by all of the major US craft beer importers of Japan and several breweries are in attendance.


The American Craft Beer Experience is a standing only event.  There are tables in the middle of the hall as well as the entrance area.  You are free to roam the event.


Most breweries didn’t bring any merchandise for sale.  Transporter Beer Magazine was in attendance providing T-shirts and glasses by Spiegelau for sale.


Hopworks Urban Brewery

We were able to talk with Christian Ettinger of Hopworks Urban Brewery and ask him about his thoughts of Japan as well as the beers he brought to the festival.  We were also able to pick he brain about some Japanese exclusives that he is planning to brew.

Heretic Brewing

We were given the opportunity to talk with Jamil Zainasheff of Heretic Brewing.  It was an honor to talk with him about Japan, some of the history that he had with Japan as well as talking with Albert Kuwano of AQ Bevolution, the Japanese importer of Heretic Brewing’s beers.

Okinawa Brewing Company

Finally, we ran into Tony Vashro of Okinawa Brewing Company.  He is one of the founders of this brewery in Okinawa.  We talked to him a little about his brewery and how they got started as well as the big challenges they face in getting started.

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