Event Report: Japan Brewers Cup 2018

Name Japan Brewers Cup 2018
Japanese ジャパンブルワーズカップ2018
Location Nihon-odori Station
Address Osanbashi Hall
Time 01/26 (Fr) 16:00~22:00
01/27 (Sa) 11:00~21:00
01/28 (Su) 11:00~19:00
Entrance Fee 500 yen
Website http://japanbrewerscup.jp/index.html
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JapanBrewersCup/
Breweries Present 38



The Japan Brewers Cup is the best craft beer festival in Yokohama.  Located next to the Yokohama’s red brick warehouse, it is a short walk to get to the Osanbashi Hall.  The entrance fee is 500 yen and beers and food start at 300 yen.  There are many tables in the main hall and entertainment on the main stage throughout each day.


There were no seats at the Brewers Cup 2018.  There were lots of tables inside the hall and a small area to sit outside the entrance.  Outside, in the open plaza, there is ample seating on the floor but due to the winter temperatures it was a little cold.


There were official pens available as souvenirs for 2018.  The Japan Beer Times and Beer Kingdom (ビール王国) were present selling their magazines.  Minoya Arare was also present selling snacks that were made in Yokohama.


We were really happy to talk with many of the brewers from around Japan.  We were able to talk to:

  • AQ Bevolution – Albert Kuwano
  • Aqula Beer – Makoto Hasegawa
  • Ebina Beer – Tomas Rehak
  • Harvestmoon – Tomoko Sonoda
  • Iwatekura Beer – Sato-san
  • Kobatsu Trading – Tsutomu Kobayashi
  • Kyoto Brewing – Ben Falck
  • Locobeer – Momoyo Kagitani
  • Nihonkai Club – Jiri Kotynek
  • Oirase Brewer – Suzuki-san
  • Repubrew – Hata-san
  • Tochigi Microbrewing – Sadao Yokosuka
  • Y.Harbor – Kazunaga Abe

Lastly, but not least, we were able to have a small competition between Kochas of Nihonkai Club and Tom of Ebina Beer.  Both are from the Czech Republic, home of the Pilsner, and we challenged them to find the beers that they make.  You have to watch the video to find out if they were successful or not.

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