American Craft Beer Experience 2019

American Craft Beer Experience 2019 BannerIt’s November and the American brewers are turning off the burners and heading to Japan to offer their treats at the American Craft Beer Experience.

This is the fifth year of the Yanks coming to J-town, which will be held at the TMMT Hall in Tennoz Isle for two days and it’s hosted by the American Brewers Association.  If you went in previous years, beware as they have moved from their traditional location to TMMT, just a couple doors from T.Y Harbor.  At the BA booth, they will be selling cans and bottles from a large group of breweries, both returning and new.  Here is a list of breweries that are not available in Japan

*Note: Current video is from 2018 and will be updated on Nov. 16.

Beer Cats (Importer)Beer Cats Logo

The crew from Beer Cats are bringing in Crucible Brewing from Washington State and one of the brewers and co-founder, Dick Mergens, will be attending this event.

Crucible BrewingCrucible Brewing Co. Logo

Crucible Brewing has been around since 2015 and have been making beer flavoured beer ever since.  Their core lineup is a balanced variety of beers to make anyone happy with an interesting selection of special releases.

Cardinal Trading (Importer)Cardinal Trading Logo

Cardinal Trading will be pouring Hardywood Park, Lickinghole Creek, and debut The Virginia Beer Company to Japan at the ACBE.  The Virginia Beer Company crew will be coming to the ACBE to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The Virginia Beer CompanyVirginia Beer Co. Logo

The Virginia Beer Company is making their debut at the ACBE and will be available around Japan soon after.  Started by three friends in 2016, they have 4 core beers and a bevy of seasonal beers rotating in and out like crazy.

Ezo Beer (Importer)

Our godfather of craft in Japan, Phred Kaufman will be at the ACBE with Breakside Brewery, Ex Novo Brewing, and Rogue Ales.  While no one from the breweries will be at the event, Phred will be there and that is all we need to represent American craft beer in Japan.

Nagano Trading (Importer)

Nagano Trading Logo

Nagano Trading continues to bring a full lineup of beers to the ACBE.  The venerable Steve Grossman will be coming back to Tokyo as well as Steve Margetts from Sierra Nevada.  It will be good to hear how the brewery is doing after a difficult year since the wildfires near Chico, CA.  Fair State Brewing Cooperative will also be sending Evan Sallee, the CEO and Chief Holder of Fancy Titles to Japan to attend the ACBE.

Sierra NevadaSierra Nevada Logo

Everyone knows Sierra Nevada, and they are always a fan favourite.  One of the pioneers of craft beer in America, they are also pushing for sustainability within their breweries as well.

Fair State Brewing CooperativeFair State Brewing Cooperative Logo

Fair State Brewing Cooperative is Minnesota’s first co-op brewery.  This means you can be an owner of Fair State Brewing and help in the direction of the brewery.  They also work with various non-profits to help the community.

Other Breweries

AQ Bevolution (Importer)AQ Bevolution Logo

AQ Bevolution always has a fun lineup of beers with Heretic being their crowning jewel.  They will also have Fifty/Fifty Brewing, Left Hand Brewing, and Epic Brewing on hand for the ACBE in 2019.

Heretic Brewing Company

Jamil Zainasheff, founder of Heretic Brewing, has a close relationship with Mr. AQ Bev and Taihei has it on film.  In 2018, we got to know all about his homebrewing start as well as how to get into brewing.  Unfortunately he will not be attending the ACBE this year, but his Director of Brewing Operations, Andrew Conlon, will be taking his place.

Interviews from the American Craft Beer Experience 2018

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