Beer Kobo Tokorozawa

Beer Kobo (Tokorozawa) - EntranceOverview

Beer Kobo Tokorozawa is part of a chain of craft beer pubs that started in 2009.  They focus on reasonable prices with no frills interiors making it popular with a younger crowd.  Each branch brews the same base beers, but they create their own seasonals and have different brewers at each location.

Name Beer Kobo Tokorozawa
Address (English) 〒359-1123 Saitama-ken, Tokorozawa-shi, Hiyoshicho 12-1
Address (Japanese) 〒359-1123 埼玉県所沢市日吉町12-1
Additional Shops Koenji Beer Kobo
Ogikubo Beer Kobo
Nakano Beer Kobo
Takadanobaba Beer Kobo
Beer Kobo Shinjuku
Asakusa Beer Kobo
Main Station Tokorozawa
Alternative Stations
Distance to Station 2 minute walk
Hours Mo~Su 10:00~22:00
Phone Number 04-2927-0111
Type Bar
Seating 24
Bottles No
Flights No
Cost of a Beer ¥480~
Otoshi (Table Charge) No
Food Light Japanese Fusion
English Service
Smoking No
Reservations Yes
Free Wifi No

*Information currently awaiting confirmation from Beer Kobo (Tokorozawa)

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