Beerich Yeast


Beerich Yeast is a true old school bar that is a very intimate.  They serve light foods while being open late.  The main feature is that they primarily serve Japanese liquors.  They have an extensive Japanese whiskey collection as well as rum, gin, and vodka.

Name Beerich Yeast
Address (English) 〒130-0013 Tokyo-to, Sumida-ku, Kinshi 2 Chome 5-12
Address (Japanese) 〒130-0013東京都墨田区錦糸2丁目5-12
Main Station Kinshicho
Alternative Stations
Distance to Station 2 minute walk
Hours Mo~Sa 18:00~26:30
Phone Number 03-6658-8155
Type Bar
Seating 30 (10 people at the counter; 20 at the tables)
Taps 7 (5 Regular; 2 Hand Pumps)
Bottles Yes
Flights No
Cost of a Beer ¥900~
Otoshi (Table Charge) ¥300
Payment Credit OK
Food Small dishes
English Service Gestures Only
Smoking Yes
Reservations Yes
Free Wifi No

*Information currently awaiting confirmation from Beerich Yeast

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