Chatan Burger Base Atabii’s Burgers and Craft Beer (Chatan, Okinawa)

Chatan Burger Base Atabii's - EntranceChatan Burger Baser Atabii’s is a chill burger joint that is family run where the master learned his wares in Tokyo’s best burger joints.  He trained under various burger chefs to learn the best techniques for the burgers he wanted to make.  The range of burgers they make is vast and you will be hard pressed to choose just one.  Beers are a different story and you will be seeing all of the island favourites from Okinawa Sango as well as a few fun beers from other companies.Chatan Burger Base Atabii's - Menu - Neo Bacon Cheeseburger

The Neo Bacon Cheesburger is the crazy uncle of the family of burgers at Atabii’s.  This burger is created with a handmade 100% beef patty seasoned with taco seasoning; a good slathering of mayo; lettuce and tomato with a homemade relish; topped with fried onions; and a toasted bun.  This huge burger will make you drool.  Nothing hits the grill till you order and the system of cooking each burger and toasting the buns ensures that everything will taste the same and everything is perfect.  The technique ensures the patty has the right juiciness and the bun is not dried out.

The Alt from Okinawa Sango was a perfect marriage to the Neo Bacon Cheeseburger.  The maltiness of the Alt helped to enhance the sweet notes of the relish and balance out the fat of the meat.  Everything was like the middle child of a family, the one that was not the leader and not the spoiled youngest.  It was the quiet one that surprises you at how well they work well together with everything and probably the best beer to pair with any burger at Atabii’s.  With the crazy uncle, the middle child was able to tame the wide array of flavours in the burger and make everyone in the family happy.

Chatan Burger Base Atabii's - Menu - Neo Bacon Cheeseburger & Okinawa Sango Beer

Neo Bacon Cheeseburger

Okinawa Sango’s IPA was a bit of a punch to the burger.  The hoppiness of the IPA nearly overpowered the flavours of the burger but helped to cut through the fat from the fried onions and the burger patty.  It worked more to cleanse the palette but also created an interesting fight between the two competing flavours.  Like siblings arguing over simple things, the burger and IPA couldn’t get along.  The IPA helped to toughen up the flavours of the burger in the same way an older brother can knock sense into the crazy younger brother.  In the end, they complimented each other as siblings do.


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