Gahaha Beer – Interview with the Owner

Gahaha Beer LogoGahaha Beer is a really cool brewpub in Toyocho that has been brewing since 2017.  Making 150 L batches, they have a wide line-up of beers available but the heart of their line-up is their Baba’s Blonde and Marcy IPA.  The brewpub itself is a local bar where everyone knows your name and even if you are new, you’ll be making friends with the local bar flies in no time.  Their lunch specials are also popular and for you Aussies, they have Vegemite too!Gahaha Beer - 馬場哲生・Tetsuo Baba


Taihei:  Why did you decide to open your doors in Toyocho?

Baba-san:  Simply put, I was born in Toyocho and now I have come home.

Taihei:  How did you and the rest of your team learn your craft in making beer and how do you keep challenging yourselves to make new styles of beer?

Baba-san:  I learned how to make beer at Koenji Beer Kobo.  For my team, I showed them the basics, and now we keep learning by asking other breweries and our previous senpais at the Beer Kobo group.  One of the difficulties of brewing is control.  I feel controlling the variables each day is challenging and I try my best to improve upon this.  Also, I seek out new beers and styles for ideas as well as trying to come up with my own ideas, which is also key to improving.

Taihei:  Do you have any aspirations to get a larger system, or are you happy to focus on your loyal customers in Toyocho?

Baba-san:  Whether you are a regular or a new customer, we want you to have a fun and happy time.  However, we do want to improve the taste of our beers, and for this we have to spread our wings.  To do this, we are thinking about getting new equipment, doing sales outside our brewpub, and selling bottles or cans.

Taihei:  Which styles of beer would you pair with traditional Japanese izakaya food, for example sashimi, or pork steak (tonteki)?

Baba-san:  I think the Danchi Ale and Marcy IPA can pair with anything.  So I’d say ordering these two beers, or similar styles would be ideal.

Taihei:  Besides Gahaha! Beer, your kids are the apple of your eye.  Do you want them to take the keys to the kingdom or break out on their own?

Baba-san:  My children are my treasures.  I would like them to see what I do for work as being a brewer or a cook is hard work.  However, I’d like them to choose their own path.  One thing I’d like to say to them is that they should love everyone and contribute to society.


Brewery Gahaha! Beer
Map 〒136-0076 Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Minamisuna 2 Chome 3-1-118

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