Roto Brewery’s Japanese Tempura with Craft Beers (Kamiooka, Kanagawa)

Roto BreweryRoto Brewery is the newest to the long list of breweries popping up throughout Japan.  However, the owner of Roto Brewery has plenty of experience running restaurants and drinking establishments in the area for a number of years.  After meeting him, Taihei asked why he wanted to establish his own brewery and he replied simply, “I like beer.”  That is a good enough answer for Taihei.

In this pairing article, we are swinging Japanese by pairing Japanese dishes to the tasty delights from Roto Brewery’s menu.  First at bat is their daikon tempura and if you never had a daikon, it’s a little spicy with a mild sweetness to it.  On the day that Taihei came to Roto Brewery, the Taihei guys had to try a Dark Lager from Pivovar Nová Paka.  At first glance, you will be screaming from the bleachers, “It’s a Stout!” or “It’s a Porter!”, but a Dark Lager has a relatively lighter body with dark roast notes and by pairing it with the daikon, you can hit all kinds of taste buds.

Second to bat is their pork sashimi.  Sashimi isn’t only limited to only fish, but also beef, chicken, deer, horse, and even frog.  Roto Brewery’s pork sashimi is a bit fatty, but it perfectly melts with how tender and thinly sliced the pork is.  Taihei went with a Poperings Hommel Bier from Leroy Breweries (formally known as Brouwerij Van Eecke) which is basically a Belgium IPA at 7.5% for both complementing and contrasting the experience of eating pork sashimi.  On your next trip to Japan, just try to pair the pork sashimi with different styles and let Taihei know.

Roto Brewery has a wide range of different styles of beer to go with the more traditional Japanese cuisine such as ramen and soba.  It’s an interest place to visit with friends to enjoy the pairing experience.

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Shop Roto Brewery Menya Tenku
Map 〒233-0001 Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Konan-ku, Kamiookahigashi 2 Chome 42-14

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