Japanese Site Party @ Ibrew (Yaesu)

Taihei usually reports about events in Tokyo and Okinawa.  This is a first to write about for Taihei’s coming out party… in Japanese we mean.

The Taihei guys wanted to do something special when releasing the site in Japanese.  Taihei is a passion of love to help spread the gospel of beer in the world.  Beer is about celebrating the good times and mellowing out with the bad.  It’s a comforting friend that eases the stress of the day and the moments of foolishness that needs to be shared with friends.

For this event, each beer has been selected to represent a brief moment through the past year and a half for Taihei.  It’s the eagerness of the Tokyo Aleworks boys starting something new; the bromance between Albert of AQ Bevolution and Jamil at Heretic Brewing that wasn’t completely caught on video; a huge opportunity for George of TDM 1874 leading the way as a head brewer; the husband and wife team at Ebina Beer; the passion of Dan at Hakuba Brewing Company; and Ibrew is the place where the Taihei guys watched the staff become husbands and fathers while continuously growing their business.  These are the people behind the industry, so please join them this Saturday on Nov. 24th, 7pm at Ibrew.

Collaboration Beers

Tokyo Aleworks, Lakewood Brewing, Taiheiyogan CollaborationTokyo Aleworks - Cerveza Margarita

  • Cerveza Margarita
  • ABV – 4.86%
  • IBU – 15.8

“It is a Mexican lager with Lime juice and sea salt.  This is a crushable, light beer demonstrates the sweet flavors of Vienna and pilsner malt, and hints of orange from the Mandarina Bavaria hops.  The subtle lime and sea salt flavors make it reminiscent of a Margarita.  It’s definitely the perfect beer after a long, hard day at work.” -Tokyo Aleworks

This collaboration beer was the brainchild of Justin Hatley of Lakewood Brewing. The idea was to make a Margarita Mexican Lager.  Taking time out of his vacation to brew at Tokyo Aleworks, Taiheiyogan put the wheels in motion to connect these fun breweries while helping with the brewing process.

Tokyo Aleworks (Non-collaboration)Tokyo Aleworks - Back to Basics Pale Ale

  • Back to Basics: Pale Ale
  • ABV – 5.5%
  • IBU – 40

“The series ‘back to basics’ is to showcase well-made classic style beers, as everyone seems to be getting away from that.  This is a classic take on and easy drinking pale ale with notes of grapefruit and orange.  The gentle resin both in the nose and the flavor soothes the mind.”  -Tokyo Aleworks

Ebina Beer, Taiheiyogan Collaboration
Ebina Beer Collaboration Beer Marjoram Pale Duet Banner

  • Marjoram Duet
  • ABV – 5%

Back in 2017, Taiheiyogan were talking with Tom about adding marjoram to a beer.  Marjoram is a Czech herb that is used in bramboráky, a potato cake from the Czech Republic.  It was an interesting idea that has finally come to light for Taiheiyogan’s Japanese site celebration!

Ebina Beer Collaboration Beer Coffee Orange Trio Banner

  • Coffee Orange Trio
  • ABV – 5%

Using Ebina Beer’s Coffee Dark Lager, we were inspired to add some orange peel to the mix to create a fun combination of flavours.  This beer is only available at Ibrew during the party, until they sell out.  There are no plans to create another batch of this anytime soon.

Domestic Beers

TDM 1874TDM 1874 Logo

  • Star Dust DIPA
  • ABV – 8%
  • IBU – 60

“STAR DUSTはGalaxyホップがメイン。マンゴーやパッションフルーツなど南国フルーツの濃厚な香り。アルコールはなんと8.0%!苦味もしっかり。トロピカルなダブルIPAをぜひ飲みにお越しください!

Star Dust was made with Galaxy hops. It has a whopping 8% alcohol that is balanced with mango and passion fruit scents. This tropical double IPA has a pleasant bitterness that will have you coming back for more!” –TDM 1874

*Translated by Taiheiyogan

  • Porter (Name Pending)

Hakuba Brewing CompanyHakuba Brewing Co Logo

  • Hakuba IPA
  • ABV – 6%
  • IBU – 50


Intensely tropical fruit flavours and aromas from Citra and Amarillo hops. This ale is easy to drink for 6% alcohol, and carries a little sweetness from caramel malts.” -Hakuba Brewing Company

  • Session IPA
  • ABV – 4%
  • IBU – 35


Brewed to have a medium body and fun hoppy flavours even with low alcohol, this craft beer drinks super easily; perfect for a long session. Amarillo hops shine through the heady citrus and berry aroma, whilst the flavour is gently hoppy and not too bitter.” -Hakuba Brewing Company

Romantic Village・ろまんちっく村Romantic Mura Logo

  • Dog Fight IPA
  • ABV – 6.5%

“A juicy IPA beer with the ‘fastest’ burst of hop aroma and smooth, light bitter taste of oats. It gained its highly rich aroma by using 16 times as much hops as normal beers, and the brewing technique called ‘hop-bursting’, which helps maximizing the aroma of hop.” -Romantic Village

Baird BeerBaird Beer Logo

  • Tombi Farms Lemongrass Ale
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU 18

Lemongrass from Tombi Farms was added to this ale in the whirlpool and dry hopping process.  Hops for this special ale were grown at Baird’s own personal hop field making this a truly Japanese beer.  For added uniqueness, 10% of unmalted barley was also used for this brew.

Imported Beers

Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

  • Luponic Distortion No. 11
  • ABV – 5.9%
  • IBU – 59
  • SRM – 4

“The base beer of Luponic Distortion always remains the same, but each new release features a different hop blend built around emerging and experimental cultivars—all designed to showcase the possibilities of pure hop aromas and flavors.

The lead hops in No. 11 include cultivars from three different continents, providing distinct qualities of pineapple, guava and lemon drop.

In the words of Brewmaster Matt Brynildson, ‘No. 11 showcases an emergent new hop from the Pacific Northwest that is loaded with this unique pineapple character. We complemented this with an Australian hop that contributes a distinct guava quality, as well as a German hop that rounds it all out with a candied lemon character. As always, these aromas and flavors are derived solely through hops—no lemon drops or pineapples were killed in the making of this beer.’” -Firestone Walker

Heretic BrewingHeretic Brewing Logo

  • Helles Lager
  • ABV – 5.4%
  • IBU – 20
  • SRM – 4

“Classic German-style Munich Helles.  As much as we love bold, in-your-face hop monsters and giant barrel-aged stouts, we still enjoy drinking a clean, delicate, balanced lager.  We brew our Heretic Lager in the traditional style of a Munich Helles using only the finest German malt, hops, yeast and our wonderful local water.  Prost!” -Heretic

Lompoc BrewingLompoc Brewing Logo

  • C-Note IPA
  • ABV – 6.9%
  • IBU – 100

“This highly hopped ale has a deep copper to orange hue with a bold aroma of pine and herbal spice. Hints of toffee and caramel are followed by a citrus finish that is dry and refreshingly bitter.” -Lompoc

Schooner BrewingSchooner Brewing Logo

  • King Street Brown (Brown Ale)
  • ABV – 5.5%
  • IBU – 32

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