Okinawa Craft Beer Map

The Okinawa craft beer map covers the main island of Okinawa only.


The Source:  These are locations that are owned or operated as if they are owned by a brewery.  This includes brewpubs, brewery tasting rooms, and restaurants run by a brewery or in conjunction with a restaurant operator.

Restaurant:  These locations feature craft beer but also have an extensive food list.  They are generally sit-down affairs with mostly table settings with few to no bar counter seats.

Bar:  These locations are predominantly bars.  Food options are limited or non-existent.  While food is available at some locations, assume that you will not get a full meal or only bar food will be served.

Pub:  Most people are familiar with pubs and these are no different.  Predominantly British style pubs, they can include German and Japanese style pubs.  They have a mixture of counter and table seats with no pressure to eat.  Food options may be varied but tend to be limited.

Cafe:  These are predominantly cafes that have craft beer.  They do not focus on many food items and can be considered a daytime bar.

Bottle Shop (Take-out Only):  These bottle shops do not allow drinking inside.

Bottle Shop (Drink-in OK):  These bottle shops allow “tastings” inside their shops.  Some charge corkage fees.

Some of the shops are difficult to categorize as they sometimes fit into more than one category.  We will be continuing to update these maps and adjust it accordingly.  If you feel that the information is incorrect or you know of a place that is opening or has closed, please feel free to inform us and we will update the information ASAP.

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