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Outsider Brewing LogoIn 2018, the famed Japanese brewer, Niwa-san, left Outsider Brewing to join a different brewery and Momoko Kobayashi was suddenly promoted to the lead brewer position at Outsider Brewing.  With a change in brewers, some people were very quick to judge a brewery to be less than they were, but this is far from the truth.  Momoko has stepped up her game and brought a different vibe to Outsider Brewing.Momoko Kobayashi - Outsider Brewing


Taihei:  It’s been over a year of brewing without Niwa-san; how much have you grown as a brewer in both technique and recipe creation?

Momoko:  Niwa-san gave me my base in how to brew and create recipes.  From there I learned a lot of new things from other brewers and used it to continue to develop and challenge myself to grow.

Taihei:  Who do you look up to in the craft beer industry of Japan?

Momoko:  I look up to everyone.

Taihei:  You are in great company of women brewers in Japan, how often do you consult them to build new recipes or trade ideas?

Momoko:  Quite a lot.  When I make a new style, or try a new yeast, etc.

Taihei:  There is a lot of competition within Yamanashi with your friends over at Far Yeast Brewing Company and Yatsugatake Beer.  How do you and the Outsider Brewing crew distinguish your beers from the rest?

Momoko:  We don’t only make a single style.  American, Belgian, British, German, Yamanashi fruit ciders, we make it all.  We have even harvested wild yeast from peaches in Yamanashi Prefecture to use in our fermentation.

Taihei:  We know you love to cook; so are there any special ingredients, like wasabi, that you’d like to try in a beer?  Would Mark let you try something crazy, just once?

Momoko:  I often use a lot of herbs when cooking so I’d like to try to incorporate it into a beer.

As for Mark, he lets me make anything as long as I am confident that the beer would be good.


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